Co-creating the future of farming.

About Us

We envision a future where small-holder farmers happily grow our food alongside robots and automated systems.

TechAguru is an agri-tech company built by Filipino “makers” and engineers for a more inclusive world.

Our team is currently at research and development stage, and partners with institutions with similar goals.

Germinating Local Talent

We nurture local talent in software defined radios, cloud computing, and electronics design and manufacturing.

Our hope is to be able to create a strong team within five years with the capability of designing, implementing, supporting, and manufacturing (local or contract out) agri-tech systems that fits the local price point.

We have a modern working environment and believe in trusting and empowering each team member.

IoT for Agriculture

The promise of IoT for agriculture is to increase quality, increase yield, and minimize resource use with data collected in real-time.

With our frugal innovation approach, we heavily invest in building sensors to anticipate a future where small-holder farmers work alongside robots and automated systems to grow fresh food we can all enjoy.

Scaling this technology requires multiple stakeholders to work together.

Controlled Growing Environment

We take a systems approach in building controlled growing environments.

On the commercial size, low capital and operational cost drives of these systems are key to realizing this as a viable way of growing our food.

On the research side, controlled growing environments enable scientists to find varieties fit for various growing conditions.

On the educational side, the controlled environment is a great example of a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems.